Friday, December 29, 2006

Damn you Captain Jack!

John Barrowman, who plays the roguish bisexual leader of the Torchwood Institute in Dr Who spin-off Torchwood, on BBC 3, has tied the knot with his partner Scott Gill in a civil union service in Cardiff.

Any hopes I had of Barrowman sweeping me off my feet are now utterly dashed. Excuse me for a moment while I throw myself onto my chaise lounge and sob uncontrollably, will you?

On the other hand, at least I can console myself with the fact that an eyepatch-wearing friend with the habit of saying 'Arrrrr' a lot has a copy of the Dr Who Christmas Special for me to watch this weekend...


Unknown said...

lol, there there, you'll find your Dr Who!

Happy New Year Mate!

Anonymous said...

This is indeed sad news!! But was impressed with the 14 (or so) years of their relationship.

Perhaps Christopher Ecclestone or David Tennett are available?!?!?

No....wait...they are both locked safely in my closet.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special is fun! Catherine Tate was a good choice. I hope we get her show out here soon

The Torchwood 2006 finale is being downloaded as I type!

Not Eve said...

q: Why are guys with eyepatches so sexy?

a:I don't know, but they just ARRRRRR! :-)